Charity Happy Hour at Circa (Clarendon) on Behalf of American Cancer Society

Hello DMV residents! What are you all doing the next two Tuesday’s? September 17th & September 24th?

Want to network and support a really great cause?

Great! Here are the details on how to do so :) Read carefully, there is a lot of info coming your way…

I (Steph) am part of the American Cancer Society Associate Board of Ambassadors (ACS ABOA) of Washington, DC. This is an amazing team of young professionals in the DC/MD/VA area interested in helping promote the American Cancer Society through fundraising, positive public relations, and advocacy. ACS ABOA’s premier event takes place on Tuesday, September 24th, called Taste of Hope.  Taste of Hope is the American Cancer Society’s signature culinary, wine and spirits event featuring more than 50 of Washington DC’s most popular chefs, restaurants and beverage vendors.


Event information:

September 24, 2013
Carnegie Library
801 K St NW, Washington, D.C

6:30PM Early Entry for VIP Table Guests
7:30PM General Admission

Individual Tickets:

$150 per ticket

($75.00 of each ticket is not tax deductible)

VIP Ticket:

$250 per ticket, includes early entry & swag bag

($75.00 of each ticket is not tax deductible)

The ACS ABOA team has worked incredibly hard planning this event and we hope our local community will come out, eat some good food and support this wonderful cause. If you would like to buy tickets (I would be forever grateful) please click on the link above. However, if you can’t make it on the 24th but still want to support ACS, please join us for our scheduled charity happy hour on Tuesday,  September 17th at Circa Clarendon from 4-8PM. To visit the event’s Facebook page, please click here.


Event information:

September 17, 2013


Circa Clarendon

3010 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201 (Orange Line; Clarendon)

Happy Hour group will be located towards the end of the bar, near the windows


$10 suggested donation

Please find Steph or another ACS ABOA board member to donate

Drink Specials:

$4 Drafts (excludes Guinness) and $6 Bartenders Choice Red and White Wine

Food Specials:

Calamari, Hummus, Wings, Flatbread (all $6)

Circa Clarendon has an amazing team lead by a wonderful woman named Ashley.  To thank her and her team for allowing ACS to use their facility, I wanted to share a few updates about the restaurant:

  1. Every Tuesday there is a Raw Bar from 5PM-close. The Raw Bar menu can be found here. Guests can take advantage of this since the ACS Happy Hour falls on a Tuesday!
  2. Circa Clarendon offers a wine night on Monday nights from 4pm to 9pm and all bottles of wine under $100 are 1/2 price.  This is a great opportunity to work through Circa’s reserve wine list.
  3. To those interested in brunch (and who isn’t in this area), it runs all day (10:30AM to 4PM) both Saturday and Sunday.  Circa Clarendon does accept a limited number of reservations via phone for lunch, brunch and dinner.

I hope to see new and old faces at the ACS ABOA Happy Hour and maybe even Taste of Hope! If you have any questions regarding these two events, please send a twitter message to @NoshingtonDC (the J&S blog team) or @ACS_ABOA (ACS ABOA team). Thanks so much! See you all very soon!



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Rustico Bar & Restaurant

Hello followers! Can you believe it’s already August?! We hope your summer has been full of fun adventures and most importantly…eating delicious food!

Earlier this summer NoshingtonDC was in the heart of Ballston and you guessed it, starving! What else is new, right? Well, we were all set on stopping in our go-to salad spot, Sweetgreen, when we saw Rustico Bar and Restaurant out of the corner or our eye. Rustico, which has a second location in Alexandria, is a neighborhood eatery serving up fantastic lunch, dinner and brunch dishes. The staple of this restaurant is their extensive beer selection. And when we say extensive, we don’t mean only 50 beers…we are talking over 300 different types of ale, lager, stout, and NoshingtonDC’s top personal favorite, CIDER! Now, you might be thinking with so many options, how will I ever decide? Not to worry, Rustico has as extremely knowledge staff available to help you pair the perfect beer with your meal selection.

Since it was actually still morning when NoshingtonDC ventured into Rustico we stuck to the food this time around, but Steph has been to Rustico’s October Fest and can attest to the great beer choices. So, as for our grub, we both decided on pizza but, instead of the regular crust went for the gluten-free chickpea option. Gluten-free is becoming increasingly popular these days with more and more people finding out about certain intolerance’s or celiac disease. If you’ve been following our blog for awhile (thank you!) you’ll know that last year Steph went gluten-free for the lent season. Nowadays there are tons of gluten-free products that are quite delicious and many that casa de NoshingtonDC buys regularly. A few of our gluten-free favorites are Udi’s Brands, Trader Joe’s Organic Rice Fusilli and Lundberg Rice Chips.

Now back to the pizza…

These pizzas were not only delicious, but almost better than regular pizza! The chickpea crust, which is made directly from chickpea flour, was so perfect we didn’t even notice the difference. The texture was soft and chewy and the crust stayed together during our entire meal (if you’ve tried some gluten-free products before, you know why we point this out).

photoItalian pepperoni with roasted peppers and mozzarella (In front of Jess) and basil and fresh mozzarella with San Marzano tomato sauce (In front of Steph)

One last thought: Do not miss Rusitco’s unique events hosted throughout the year! Earlier we mentioned October Fest, but there are so many more, such as their Hump Day Hat Trick where a mystery trio of the best brews in town is tapped each and every Wednesday at 6PM. Check out Rustico’s website for a complete event list or to make reservations.

Happy eating (and drinking)!


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First we ‘clink’, then we drink!

Hello friends! Happy [rainy] July. We have some exciting new restaurants to visit in the coming weeks and a few events coming up. Please check the blog, Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Speaking of events, we wanted to give you a recap of our awesome wine night held at Oby Lee Winery in Clarendon! Thanks to all our friends – new and old – that came out. Any suggestions on other NoshingtonDC gatherings? Hard Cider night? Girls only tea? Give us a shout! We’d love to hear what you all would like to do. To keep with our photo theme lately we’ll post a bunch from the event to showcase Oby Lee. Make sure to check it out them you are ever in Clarendon.


Oby Lee Creperie Winery is a wine and coffee shop in the heart of Clarendon that serves light dishes such as crepes and quiche. A simple shop with an enomatic wine dispenser allows each person to have as little, or as much, in their glass as they want. The shop closes on Mondays for coffee roasting and has a variety of flavorful blends. Oby Lee is currently showcasing their Guatemala Antigua Coffee for those coffee lovers out there that crave bold flavor.


IMG_1358The most boring coffee picture this blog has ever taken. Sorry – We’ll do better next time. For shame.

The NoshingtonDC duo are normally red wine drinkers, but being that it’s summer and humid as $&%@ we’ve been leaning towards white wines lately. Oby Lee had a very lovely, inexpensive (about $8 bottle) Verona Garganega & Sauvignon. The wine was a dry, medium-bodied with a fragrant fruity aroma (we’d guess maybe citrus and peach). This was our favorite wine out of all the wines we tasted. Very refreshing for a hot, humid summer day.



IMG_1349Awww yeahhhh

IMG_1364$5 White Sangria with necessary umbrella for the monsoon

IMG_1368More umbrellas! More drinks! Yay!

IMG_1369Obligatory group photo

As more wine and pretty drinks with umbrellas were consumed, the grumbling stomachs got louder. Luckily for us, Oby Lee serves light fare such as cookies, crepes, quiche, tapas and breakfast (all day). What’s not to love about this simple, local joint?

IMG_1359Mediterranean Quiche

IMG_1360Quiche can easily be overcooked. The majority of people have likely had overcooked egg pie instead of quiche.

The texture of quiche should be more like a custard. Oby Lee, THANK YOU, for making it correctly.


IMG_1347Chocolate and Vanilla boys. Yup.

Oby Lee was generous enough to surprise our group with their awesome Banana, Strawberry & Nutella Crepes! What an incredibly thoughtful staff. I don’t think we need to go into a detailed description of the taste and flavor of this sweet treat. Instead, ask yourself: Have you had a crepe? Have you had Nutella? Do you think both would be amazing TOGETHER? Done.


NoshingtonDC is incredibly lucky to have such great friends and followers that come out and help us support small businesses in the area.

We hope to have more events like this doing what we love most.

Cheers to you and yours!





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Come Drink w/ Us! – Wine Club

So like we’ve said a few times in previous posts, we are starting a wine club! This will be a chance for us to meet some of our followers, hang out with our friends and, hopefully, make our followers friends. Here are the details for our first wine club meeting:

When? Friday, June 28th @ 6PM

Where? Oby Lee Creperie Winery

3000 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

*Right down the street from the Clarendon Metro Station*

To RSVP please go to our Facebook event page and let us know if you are stopping by no later than, Wednesday, June 26th so we can give Oby Lee a heads up. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!



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Highlands on 14th

Happy June, DC!

How have ya’ll been? Good, we hope. Again, so sorry for the sparse posts. It’s been really busy (typical excuse we know). We have some posts coming up that we hope our friends and fans will enjoy and also our first wine club event later this month! We’ll post details as the event approaches but NoshingtonDC’s first wine club meeting will take place on Friday, June 28th at Oby Lee Winery in Clarendon. Yes, DC proper residents, you WILL have to go over to VA for this one. It’s not so bad, trust us.

So our first post of this month highlights a super awesome find on 14th we aren’t sure if many people (besides the locals) frequent. Anyone ever been to Highlands? If not, check it out… or better yet, let this post convince you. Enjoy!

highlandsBorrowed from

So occasionally the NoshingtonDC gals take to Yelp for some inspiration. After all, Yelp writers are a lot like us but we just use the blog to feature places we enjoy. It had been awhile since we had gone out to brunch together due to busy schedules and we found some really awesome reviews on Highlands in the 14th Street Heights neighborhood.

To make this short and sweet, since unfortunately we don’t have a lot of pics of the place, we wanted to highlight a few things – not necessarily in order – that we absolutely loved about this charming, eclectic coffee shop/restaurant:

1) The artwork

We’ll have to borrow more pics because we actually decided to just sit and eat and not play food porn pararazzo in the place. Don’t hate us, please. Anyway, when you go inside you’ll notice the urban vibe with the murals on the wall. The colors and stories on the wall make the place incredibly unique and comfortable.

3875983389_79927383e0Borrowed from

2) The Clientele

A lot of times, eating in DC is mixed with tourists. This off the beaten path eatery is, more-or-less, a locals only joint. It was great to see a mixed crowed of folks enjoying brunch that either knew the owners, knew other locals there or both.

3) The Food

So DC is a brunch city (SURPRISE!) so it’s hard to compete when every restaurant is trying to out-do one another in brunch. Now, for NoshingtonDC, brunch is probably our favorite meals to blog about. We LOVE (it). But sometimes, we just want a simple, ordinary breakfast that satisfies our taste buds. Can ya relate? Now, we aren’t saying that quinoa turkey hash or french toast with coconut shavings isn’t the bomb dig, but sometimes you just want something a little less fancy.

Jess ordered french toast, scrambled eggs and turkey sausage and Steph ordered a bagel and lox with a side of chocolate croissant (had to do it – it was there – true or false, Steph also got another one to go? ). Not only was it great, simple and just what we were craving, but it was incredibly affordable. You won’t spend much at this place for a good meal. Honestly, we probably would’ve spent less than $15 if we didn’t get excited on re-ordering coffee/tea and more croissants (gave it away…horrible at surprises. #hungyhungryhippo)

We hung out for awhile after our meal was done and saw locals ordering off of the daily specials list written on a chalkboard next to the counter. Our biggest regret of the day was not ordering the shrimp and grits that everyone and their mama ordered in there except for us. Next time, Highlands. Next time.

photoActually one of ours. Get down with your bad self.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to change it up and want to visit a funky, eclectic, affordable place to eat, we recommend visiting Highlands on 14th. Or better yet, let us know if you wanna come with us sometime. We’ll definitely be back to show Highlands some more NoshingtonDC love.

Stay hungry, DC!



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A Coast to Coast Photo Post

Hey, hey friendly friends! We know we haven’t posted in a while, so we wanted to put something together to make sure our followers know we are still alive and kickin’. Sorry we’ve been MIA! We were both training for the Nike Women’s Half that occurred last weekend and have had plenty of boring, adult responsibilities keeping us busy lately. I’m sure all of you can relate. (Insert deep sigh).

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos from a few trips I took over the last two months. One was to San Francisco (my second favorite city) and the other, Richmond. Hope you all enjoy!


P.S. We are on Facebook now! Please do us a favor and ‘Like’ our page.
P.P.S. If you have been following on our social media accounts, we have been tweeting and posting about starting a fun little ‘Wine Club’ with friends and followers. We have a tentative plan to host our first Wine Club meeting the Friday or Saturday of the last weekend in June. Keep a look out for updates on the blog, Twitter and Facebook. We hope you all can come hang out.

Ok.. and now with some fun photos. ENJOY!


I left my heart in San Francisco  (or Tartine Bakery…or both)





Every time I head to San Francisco (about once a year) I head to Tartine. It is my absolute favorite bakery. Check it out next time you are on West Coast.

Fleurs | Cable Cars | Lattes | Chinatown








Half Moon Bay

When I was in 6th grade my Dad introduced me to surfing. I’ve been in love ever since. In middle school and high school my family traveled to Hawaii almost every summer where I spent my days on the on the board. I took a little hiatus from surf vacations from my early to mid-twenties, but made it back to the ocean last year and rode some epic waves in Costa Rica. If you are a fan of the sport, you know that Half Moon Bay is famous for the Mavericks Invitational. I actually missed it by one week but am glad I got to visit the area with my family for the first time.






Virginia is for Lovers




The bar @ Can Can Brasserie


Virginia Cider



The End.

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Los Verracos

Hello, friends! Now that we’ve recovered from our extremely successful event for 876 Cafe we wanted to get things back to normal and post. We’ll be putting up a ‘Portfolio Tab’ on the page soon to highlight the event and ways you – or a restaurant/bar you know – can reach out for us to do the same thing. Sound good?

So speaking of the event, today we wanted to highlight one of our raffle sponsors who donated to our event – Los Verracos Event Catering.


Los Verracos was started by three friends of different ethnicities – Thai, Italian and Puerto Rican. Ok,  STOP – If you are just reading this blog and just read all three ethnicities, we’re hoping you realize that this is going to result in a deliciously dope combination. If not, please read again. Thank you.

Continuing on… As most friendships blossom so does time around the dinner table enjoying food. What these three friends found was the common food thread between all cuisines was pork. What started as pig roasts among family and friends became the foundation to start a small catering business serving culturally ethnic food.

We reached out to Los Verracos to see if they would be willing to support the event 876 event and Wesley, one of the three friends (see his photo below!) generously donated a $40 voucher for Pernil (Puerto Rican pork shoulder) we could raffle off.


Wesley of Los Verracos featured in Borderstan.

We were so grateful to Los Verracos (and all our other raffle sponsors, of course) that we decided to make a catering order for the one year anniversary of “A Little Something to Nosh On”. On our plates for the night? Pernil, Arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas) and flan.

So, ready for the photos of our one-way-ticket to “Yumtown”? Here we go.


In Puerto Rican cooking, pork has a permanent home. Pernil, or Pernil Al Horno, is made with pork shoulder, picnic cut, with fat (fat is flavor, friends) and spices. This meat was succulent, flavorful and rich. Unfortunately, scratch and sniff does not exist yet on the internet so you’ll have to trust us and this photo. Los Verracos gave us a full platter of shredded meat AND a few pieces of the skin! Now, if you have ever been to a pig roast, or of a nationality that enjoys pig in general, you know the skin is one of, if not the, best part. As you can see, there are no photos of the skin. That’s right… it was eaten before we remembered we are food bloggers and we need to take pictures. Lo siento, amigos.


Arroz con Gandules

Translated “Rice with Pigeon Peas” is Puerto Rico’s national dish. This recipe is a rice and pea dish typically seasoned with sofrito – an aromatic puree of tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, onions, and garlic braised in cooking oil – and diced ham. The rice did not include ham bits but was flavored with smoked pork during the cooking process.

Now, the Pernil was fabulous, but the arroz con gandules may have stole the show. There was something about the flavor and completeness to this dish that hit the spot.



A traditional Puerto Rican dessert typically made with sugar, eggs, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla. This sweet dessert was a great cap to an incredibly dense flavored, gastronomical experience.


Unfortunately for Los Verracos, they have to compete with the flan recipe of Steph’s grandmother (Mama Greta, the token Spaniard, if you will) which she has eaten since baby-food days. So, although it was delicious, who beats grandma’s cooking?

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up – let Los Verracos cater your next event. This team knows how to prepare authentic, ethnic cuisines and are incredibly wonderful to work with. We actually received an email from Wesley the other day letting us know he has a few new recipes up his sleeve. We’re excited to have him cook for us again!

If pork isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options on their catering menu. Please contact Los Verracos to coordinate your catering needs. You can reach Los Verracos @ (973) 433-6123 or Happy eating, DC!

IMG_1254Photo taken on the one year anniversary of “A Little Something to Nosh on”.
Thanks for helping us celebrate, Los Verracos!



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One Week! One Week!

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! – The Swedish Band, Europe

Hey friends! We’re exactly one week away from our Escape to Jamaica event. Remember, we are not selling tickets at the door so if you plan on attending you will need to buy tickets in advance. Buy your tickets here!


Disclaimer: This is not what the restaurant in  Van Ness looks like. This is just a nice picture of Jamaica.

To recap, our “tapas style” tasting-menu goes as follows:


Yum, right?!

Your ticket also includes your choice of one alcoholic or non-alcoholic rum punch. Not to mention – the happiest of hours conveniently falls right in between our event (4PM-7PM). HOORAY! DRINK!

Food will be passed so you can enjoy an evening mingling, eating, drinking and listening to some live music. While you’re there we will be raffling off some fabulous prizes from other local businesses in the area.

  1. $25 gift card to Seoul Food DC Food truck
  2. Four (4) $10 gift cards to use at Curley’s Q BBQ Truck
  3. A voucher for you and four friends to eat at CapMac Food Truck
  4. One voucher for Pernil (Roasted Pork Shoulder) from Los Verracos catering

We hope you are excited as we are. Please let us know if there are any questions. See you all next week!



P.S. The NoshingtonDC team has put together some cool swag bags for each of our guests. They’re awesome. Trust.

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Who Wants Some CapMac?!


Well, we have another awesome reason why Escape to Jamaica will be worth every penny. You now have a chance to win some of the best mac and cheese the District has to offer! That’s right friends, CapMac – one of DC’s favorite food trucks (For real! Don’t believe us? Check this out) is our newest raffle sponsor. CapMac is generously offering a delicious meal to our winner plus four of his or her closest friends. Can’t find four friends? We would be happy to serve as two of the four friends. KIDDING… but seriously (wink).

So, for only $25 (+$2.37 tax) you have an opportunity to support a small business, get a taste of Jamaican cuisine AND possibly get a free meal for a later date?! What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets here.

In other exciting news, we want to let our Maryland readers know CapMac is now offering delivery service to Silver Spring from 5PM-10PM Tuesday through Saturday. Check out their Facebook page for the delivery menu. One of our personal favorites: “Balls Out”, the classic mac topped with chicken meatballs (see delicious photo below). Don’t waste a minute and give them a call at (301) 708-1472 to place an order and if you talk to Vicky, tell her we said hey!


Cap Mac

Only two weeks left to get tickets and there are limited quantities available. Buy today!


P.S. A ticket to our event also makes one awesome Valentine’s gift for all you last minute shoppers out there (Hint, hint)!

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Our Raffle Sponsors (so far!)

Here are a couple reasons why you should buy your ticket to the “Escape to Jamaica” event today.

1) Today is Bob Marley’s Birthday.
2) We’ve locked down TWO amazing food trucks to donate gift cards for our raffle!

The Seoul Food DC truck serves a variety of Korean & Japanese recipes, including bibimbap, maki rolls, kimchi quesadillas and an assortment of Asian fusion breakfast dishes. We love them even more for their commitment to organic and sustainable products. Their team only uses local grass-fed beef; local chicken (vegetarian fed); organic tofu; cage free eggs; and 100% pole and troll caught Skipjack tuna. In addition, the proteins used in their meals have no added hormones or antibiotics and they pride themselves on using seasonal and wholesome ingredients. Not to mention, their food is really great. If you don’t believe us, ask all the other patrons who will likely be standing in front of you during their lunch hour – they’ll confirm. Seoul Food DC mainly serves the Arlington area and occasionally you can snag a FREE drink if you show them their book of choice (2/6 book of the day: Franzen’s “Freedom”).  Twitter handle: @SeoulFoodDC

Seoul Food

The Curley’s Q food truck is an award winning BBQ bus. Curley’s serves only local meats and smokes their BBQ on 100% hard woods. They recently won 1st place in the 2013 DC Meat week BBQ competition for brisket and are the #1 ranked BBQ food truck in Montgomery County. The Curley’s team has received media attention with features in both Washingtonian and Bethesda Magazine, respectively. If we haven’t sold you on visiting this truck yet, we’ll have you know that the Curley’s team is one of the nicest we’ve come across (and we know a lot of nice people!). So nice, in fact, that this week (Monday 2/4 – Friday 2/8) they are serving FREE sandwiches from 4:30-7:30PM on 355 (Rockville Pike) next to the Shell station and  TGIFridays. Twitter handle: @CurleysQ


Might we add “a great sense of humor” to our list?

So this is our event  in a nut-shell: Delicious Jamaican food, some rum, a chance to win a gift card to one of these local food trucks, live music, potential dancing, making new friends, and a chance for us to hang out with YOU. Not to mention… you’ll be supporting small, local businesses that keep DC alive. Buy your tickets here folks!

(One) Love,


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